I currently hold a US patent (Patent No. 9,525,323) and a Chinese patent (ZL 2016 2 0226692.6), all of which relate to a pendulum based energy harvester which generates energy for electronic devices.

After living in Beijing, China for two years, I realized that, compared to California, there is substantially less sunlight on a day to day basis. Whereas in the United States solar panels provide a reasonable “green” energy option, in China, solar panels are much less effective. During my time there, the subway was a preferred method of transportation and even walking or biking was much more common than driving.

The idea that I developed uses pendulums, similar to those found in automatic watches, to generate energy from simple kinetic motion. In an array setup to harvest the energy of multiple pendulums, this would allow significant amounts of energy to be generated from simple day to day activities, providing a new source of energy generation especially for places that lack sunlight.

US Patent No. 9,525,323 & CN Patent ZL 2016 2 0226692.6

Report Presented at Energy Harvesting USA

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